How does Borussia Dortmund attract the best young talents in the world?
        How does Borussia Dortmund attract the best young talents in the world?

How does Borussia Dortmund attract the best young talents in the world?

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By Abhiraj Dhar | Published on 4:12 PM, 28 Oct 2020


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Many top players not just from Europe but from all over the world have catapulted their careers form Borussia Dortmund.  Recruiting  at the club, a young player with loads of potential to actually transforming the player into a force to be reckoned with has become a usual thing for the five-time Bundesliga Champions. So what tempts these bright young players to leave their home country and join the German club and refuse lucrative offers from the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.




The past

Not long ago, in 2005, the German club was facing some serious financial difficulties and had to take a new approach to recruitment. Sporting Director Michael Zorc stated that they had planned to sign young players who had serious scope for improvements. Future club captain Marcel Schmelzer and future FIFA World cup winner Mario Gotze came through the youth levels before taking over the reins of the senior team.

In the summer of 2010, the 1997 European champions signed two key players who were Shinji Kagawa and a Polish striker that goes by the name of Robert Lewandowski. Both of them went on to become vital members of the team with the polish striker becoming one of the best at what he does.

Since then great young talents have kept on coming. Christian Pulisic(2015) and Ousmane Dembele (2016) have both left the club as world class players. Both were sold to Chelsea and Barcelona respectively with the club earning healthy profits.


The present crop

Jadon Sancho, Gio Reyna and Erling Haland were all born outside of Germany but have chosen to continue their careers at Borussia Dortmund.

Erling Haland, the 20 year old striker had taken the world by storm at Salzburg and in the UEFA Champions League before signing for Lucien Favre’s Dortmund side. Amidst all the competition from the big clubs of Europe, Haland chose Dortmund as his next destination.

Jadon Sancho has also become a very valuable asset in the world of football. Not many players born in England have flourished elsewhere, but the 20 year old English player has certainly proved this wrong. Sancho is now wanted by almost all the big clubs and will provide Borussia Dortmund with a heavy profit when they decide to sell him.

15 year old Youssoufa Moukoko  who has become a goal scoring sensation could be next in line who storms through the ranks of the Youth Academy.


Coaching and Scouting

Considerable praise has to be given to Dortmund’s scouting network for consistently finding the next big thing and helping the young player achieve his potential. The manager also has to be acknowledged as almost without fail, all the youngsters who arrive at the club, leave it as better players.

“When he was 15 and playing in the national sides, he realised he had to make the move quickly for the development of his game,” Pulisic’s father Mark told The Guardian in 2016. “Once, as parents, we felt he was ready and it was something he wanted, we went to visit Dortmumd.”

“All of us decided we felt it was the right move and the club was great with us, so we took the plunge.”      This shows the faith and trust the German side can put into the minds and hearts of the parents of the young players.


Game time at a top club

One of the main reasons that the young players are attracted to Borussia Dortmund is the amount of game time that they are presented with. These amounts of game time could never be achieved in the big European clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona etc as these clubs already have a solid first team full of superstars.

Borussia Dortmund puts its faith onto the hands of these youngsters and makes them the centre point of the team. A great example of this is Jadon Sancho and Erling Haland who have both become world class players at the club.

“Youngsters get opportunities. You’ve got to thank Dortmund, because it’s unheard of for a team that gets 80,000 at every home game to put so much faith in youngsters.”   Sancho told FourFourTwo magazine when asked about his decision to join Dortmund.


The youngsters at the club do not just play the easy games, they get to play UEFA Champions League knockout games in front of their 80,000  home fans as well as harsh away fans. The pressure couldn’t be higher than this. It seems that Borussia Dortmund have perfected the art of transforming young players to seasoned battle-hardened professionals and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.



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