Karembeu Talks about Kylian Mbappe and His Future at Madrid
        Karembeu Talks about Kylian Mbappe and His Future at Madrid

Karembeu Talks about Kylian Mbappe and His Future at Madrid

Real Madrid    

By Anuran Haloi | Published on 5:07 PM, 13 Dec 2020


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Will Kylian Mbappé decide his future really does lie at Real Madrid or will he commit to Paris Saint-Germain?

Christian Karembeu, the former Real Madrid player talked about the World Cup Winner Mbappe’s ambition to join Real Madrid. Karembeu, a World Cup winner with France in 1998, believes there should not be any rush for the striker who helped Les Bleus repeat the global triumph in 2018. 

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"It's a dream but we have to wait," Karembeu said. "The Madrid fans have been waiting for Kylian for a year or two. 

Karembeu said, "Today, Kylian has to decide his objectives and his plans, if he wants to go to Real Madrid or stay in Paris. The 'Casa Blanca' is eternal. Players can come and go, but Real is immortal."

These are such big words coming from a player who was part of Real’s two Champions League triumphs in 1997-1998 and, 1999-2000.

 Karembeu said he is longing to hear about Kylian’s future. With barely 18 months remaining on his Parc des Prince's contract, the future of the French striker is coming into sharp focus.


PSG would love him to stay and lead their project in the long term, as they attempt to win the Champions League and develop a club profile to match the likes of Champion’s League winning hierarchy.  

There is little doubt that Real Madrid would be near the front of the queue should Mbappé decide he wants to experience another football culture. They have already expressed their desire for Mbappe, who is believed to be earmarked for Real Madrid.

What’s stopping Kylian?

Even though he still has one full season and half of one season left in his career, he is yet to renew his contracts with PSG. He is still in a position where his market value can be decided by PSG. With a time of financial distress should Real Madrid move its muscle for Mbappe? Real Madrid restrained themselves completely from last season’s transfer window. They are one of the only top clubs who are yet to suffer from a major financial hit. They are well settled to move for Mbappe. But what about the sporting project?

Real Madrid at the moment is fighting for every title. They are not cruising through every competition. But they are fighting. Their football is promising but not free-flowing. They are yet to develop a footballing identity under Zinedine Zidane. So if Mbappe to join Real Madrid, he could either be a solution to all Zidane’s problems or could be another part of the puzzle. Some critics argue that it is not the right time for him to join Madrid. He should join Madrid when there is a proper tactician at the helm. Like when Ronaldo joined he had one of the best minds in football Jose Mourinho to turn him into a beast. Mbappe is good but not the best. He will need a fully functioning system and a well-established manager to flourish in his early years at Madrid. But the pro-Zidane critics believe something else. Zidane is a hero for every other French kid. Mbappe is no different. Zidane may not be the greatest tactician ever, but he is the kind of fuel that will help Mbappe thrive.

Situation at PSG

Last year PSG went all the way to the finals after an impressive UCL campaign. They showed heart and on their way to the finals, they showed some of the best football in their club’s history. Under Thomas Tuchel they are currently one of the favorites to win the Champions League this year. Domestically they are untouchables. With their premium focus on UCL, they could be challenging the title this year also. If Mbappe wins the UCL this season, he will be surely looking out from PSG. It would be a perfect time for him to move on from his career. But if they don’t succeed to do so, the road ahead of Mbappe will be based on his conscience. He could either help PSG compete again for the next time and win it for them or he could just move on from his career with PSG without the grand prize. If he leaves behind a legacy of UCL, he would be true in the quintessential form of a Galactico for the Los Blancos. PSG is currently building a premium sporting project where they aim to conquer Europe. They came close last year. Mbappe would think twice before leaving such a brilliant sporting project and join a struggling Madrid project, where there are signs of promise but nothing extremely appealing.  

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