Top 10 Football Podcasts to Listen to in 2020
        Top 10 Football Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

Top 10 Football Podcasts to Listen to in 2020


By Anuran Haloi | Published on 7:13 PM, 18 Dec 2020


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A Podcast: A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

The state of audio drama in 2020 is wildly different from ten years ago when audio, or rather radio drama, was in decline across the world. But it changed. The Radio romance before the dominance of Television is coming back. Especially from the middle of this decade, Podcasts have grown exponentially. The Pandemic year saw the meteoric rise of Podcasts.


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Football Podcasts are super fun. You get to experience stories from footballers, journalists, and pundits in a way you wouldn’t experience on TV. You feel you are among them listening to it.

You will love the banter game; you love those occasional jibes and some interesting stats in some interesting arguments. The analysis of what led to yesterday’s goal or that spicey press conference breakdown; you will get everything on a podcast. I listened to almost 20+ podcasts and I am giving you my top 10.

Have fun!


10. Zonal Marking

The Athletic have invested heavily in their football coverage recently. Podcasts is perhaps the best among them. In the podcast “Zonal Marking” they talk about tactical & technical details of football past & present, focusing on a single subject each episode with the help of expert guests. Zonal Marking is an intelligent and in-depth tactical analysis of teams and individuals.

Even you may think it’s very technical podcast but you are assured that it has a fantastic storytelling aspect also.


9. The Spanish Football Podcast

Led by the Guardian's Spanish football correspondent and The Guardian’s football journalist Sid Lowe and Spanish football commentator and presenter Phil Kitromilides, the Spanish Football Podcast takes in-depth analysis and breakdown of what’s happening around the football world. We all love Sid Lowe’s fantastic articles but trust me this is just as gold.


8. ESPN FC Podcast

The ESPN FC podcast has been one of the most popular podcasts around the world. With different aspects of the game of football, ESPN is grabbing the audience hard. ESPN is a premium media portal so they have the muscle and appeal to bring in premium journalists, analysts.

The likes of James Horncastle, Paolo Bandini, and Mina Rzouki have all contributed to recent podcast episodes alongside Gab Marcotti, Sid Lowe and Ian Darke. Well, Gab Marcotti and Sid Lowe are fun.


7. I Think She’s Offside

There is always an argument of female football being underrepresented. Well in Podcast world they have a fun show dedicated to women's football. Fadumo Olow and Lipa Nessa break down the important issues across the women’s game in this monthly podcast. Whether it’s a conversation about the under-representation of minority groups or marveling over the WSL results, nothing’s off the table. It's a great place to start if you want to know about women's football. 


6. Giant

GIANT is a weekly podcast bringing you football stories that matter, told by the people who were there. GIANT is a multi-award winning Spotify Original hosted by Owen Blackhurst. It’s an unconventional podcast. It’s not about the popular stories and popular analysis. It dives into investigative and in-depth journalism. It’s a much-acclaimed podcast if you want to listen. Be assured it won’t disappoint you.

For anyone looking for a Netflix style documentary, you need to listen to Giant.


5. The Sky Sports Football Podcast

Who doesn’t love Sky Sports Matchday analysis? With big names and fantastic monologues, Sky is always a treat to watch.

In their football podcast, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher discuss the latest talking points in football and interview the biggest names in the Premier League, past and present. It has some really big names and some of the most heated debates


4. The Gary Neville Podcast

Perhaps Gary wanted some space for himself. A weekly review of the weekend’s football from Sky Sports’ expert and Manchester United legend Gary Neville is a very chilled Sunday podcast to listen to. You might wanna grab a hot tea or a beer to get ready for this podcast. It has the best of Premier League talk from the entertainer himself.


3. That Peter Crouch Podcast

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional footballer? This podcast brings to you an insightful and very funny look of what it’s like being a footballer. Everything from the last-minute pep talks to inside jokes and banter.

You must listen to Peter tell some hilarious stories from his time at Premier League clubs and the England international team plus interviews with players and managers he’s worked with. It’s a very addictive podcast as it features some of the top professionals.


2. B/R Football Ranks

You love Bleacher Report without a doubt. They are on their way to be the major player in Sports Journalism in no time. Their football podcast is just equally fun as their Instagram handle.

This football podcast seeks to find the number 1 of everything. B/R Football Ranks is like being down the pub with your mates, ranking everything from Messi and Ronaldo, Best Premier League Team Ever, Greatest football team ever. It’s a fun show if you love ranking football.


1. Tifo Football

We all watch the Tifo Football YouTube channel for its fantastic animation and some very simplified version of football analysis. They have the best storytelling team with an ecstatic visual representation. Their podcast is no less. Whether it’s tactics, transfer dealings, or expert insight from the game’s professionals, arguably the best podcast around right now is Tifo Football. With a very objective view of their analysis, they put forward valid questions and arguments for the fans to carry on the discussion.


Where to Listen to them?  

I will do this in a simple manner.

1. Open Spotify or Apple Podcast or Google Podcast or Soundcloud or any other Audio Streaming Platform.

2. Type the name of the podcast you wish to listen to.

3. If you don't find it there try google.

4. Mostly the first link you will get after typing the podcast name is the place to listen to. 

5. Some are free while for some you will need a subscription for a fee (like Zonal Marking)


There are other podcasts also if you want to explore. Podcasts like - "UK Fantasy Football Show", "Men in Blazers Podcast", "ESPN FC Podcast", "The Anfield Wrap Podcast"; are some of the popular podcasts also. 



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