UCL Round of 16 Prediction | Tough asks or roll overs? UCL 2021
        UCL Round of 16 Prediction | Tough asks or roll overs? UCL 2021

UCL Round of 16 Prediction | Tough asks or roll overs? UCL 2021

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By Anuran Haloi | Published on 8:57 AM, 07 Feb 2021


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UCL Month is here. From 17th February the Round of 16 sagas of UEFA Champions League 2021 will roar again. The ever-exciting carnival of UCL will be coming back live. The RO16 draw happened back in 2020 December. Teams looked different back then. Their equation looked different. The team synergy was on a building block at that time. But the teams look different now. Some fine teams on a winning spree look weak now and some shaky teams look formidable now. Manchester City had a very shaky start to their campaign. But at this moment they are unbeaten for 13 matches in a row. Barcelona fell way behind in the La Liga title race but they are sitting on the 2nd spot at this moment and they look better and better with every passing match. Every team looks different now and that’s where the prediction game becomes interesting. Let’s do a prediction game for the matches of the RO16. You could do the same. It’s a fun exercise as always. Sit down, pick up a pen and take out the fixture and write your predictions down. It’s always fun to watch a game with your prediction list right beside you. Have fun!


RB Leipzig vs Liverpool

First leg: 0-2

Second leg: 2-3

Aggregate: 2-5 (Liverpool wins)

Liverpool is struggling and falling behind in the premier league. Their form dipped in the recent few matches. But no one can deny the quality of Liverpool. They are still the Champions of England and they are still thriving. It’s just a bad patch of a few matches. They won’t be having any baggage of their previous matches.

RB Leipzig is a fresh prospect on the European scene after their inspiring run last summer under a new revolutionary coach Julian Nagelsmann. But they will have to be on their absolute best to challenge the champions of 2019. Liverpool won’t back down easily. The 2nd leg is at Anfield which is a serious prospect for a visiting team. But without fans, Anfield suffered a lot recently. Leipzig will be confident but Liverpool will go through.

Barcelona vs PSG

First leg: Home Barcelona: 0-1

Second leg: 2-2

Aggregate: 2-3 (PSG wins)

Barcelona will have a mighty challenge to dampen the homecoming of their promised prince Neymar. PSG will be coming with a high of last year’s champions league campaign. They will be looking to dominate Barcelona. But Barcelona have found their mojo back in the month of January. Messi back in his usual business. Griezmann and Pedri are an absolute delight to watch. Both of them have found their gun at the best time possible. PSG have undoubtedly a better chance but with Messi in Barcelona, you can expect anything. The humiliation of 8-2 will be looming behind their back but this tie could be a perfect slingshot to forget that humiliation once and for all with a thumping victory.


Sevilla vs Dortmund

First leg: 3-2

Second leg: 2-1

Aggregate: 5-3 (Sevilla wins)


Right at this moment behind Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, Sevilla is the best team without a doubt. The Europa Champions of 2020 have booked their slot for this year’s knockout round. They will be starting as favorites against Borussia Dortmund who had an up and down season up until now. The duo of Jaden Sancho and Erling Haaland will be key to break down the strictly disciplined and drilled Julen Loputegi’s side. Sevilla is performing way beyond their expectations this season. They have redefined themselves this season. They did struggle against the Big 3 but they steamrolled the other opponents in style so far.


Porto vs Juventus

First leg: 2-0

Second leg: 2-1

Aggregate: 4-1 (Juventus wins)


If it’s not a cakewalk for Juventus then it will be one of the greatest wins for Porto in their recent history. With an ambition of reigning in Europe, Pirlo’s Juventus is looking like a side with conviction this season. The supporting cast around Cristiano Ronaldo looks promising. Who knows it might be the year when the Old Lady gets her hand on the fruit. Porto is a defensively very vulnerable team. They looked promising on their group matches but stopping Juventus would be a tough ask.


Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

First leg: 2-1

Second leg: 2-2

Aggregate: 4-3 (Atletico Madrid wins)


Atletico Madrid, the current leader of La Liga is running away with the domestic title. The team is looking good and Diego Simione is ready to make his statement in Europe again. With a bunch of new players and a new manager at their helm, Chelsea will find it difficult to contain a heavily oiled Madrid side. Atletico Madrid will start as favorite. But a Chelsea win won’t be an upset. With injury and a little depth on the bench, Diego Simione is running a high risk and high reward campaign. He is always playing his best team week after week. Chelsea will be ready to accept any challenge thrown at them under Thomas Tuchel who had a brilliant run in UCL with PSG.


Lazio vs Bayern Munich

First leg: 2-0

Second leg: 3-1

Aggregate: 5-1 (Bayern wins)

The Champions of Europe, the undisputed best team of 2020 and 2021 will be starting the tie as favorites. Lazio is an extremely well-organized team. But their recent dip in form and lack of strength on the bench is costing them dearly. On the other hand, Bayern Munich have the best depth on their bench and they will be looking to emulate the glorious run of last season. They finally have a stable squad and a formidable manager. An unexpected comeback by Lazio will make it all interesting for UCL this season. Though my prediction is sided I expect some fightback from the Italian side. It would be a spectator's delight if Lazio shocks the Bavarians.


Atalanta vs Real Madrid

First leg: 2-1

Second leg: 1-1

Aggregate: 3-2 (Atalanta wins)

The dreamy run of Atalanta is still visible in Italian football. The brand of football they play is very unique and quite exciting. They will start the match as favorites. Real Madrid with a leaky defense and a timid attacking threat up front. Without their experienced players running the show with their absolute best capability, Real Madrid will be facing a mighty task of taming the ever so threating Atalanta side. This will be a test for both Madrid and Zidane. His job and the fate of Real Madrid’s sporting trajectory depends a lot on their European success. This match will be played under severe scrutiny. Without Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid have a terrible track in UCL. With him out injured, it would be a humongous task to resist the mighty Atalanta attack.


Borussia Monchengladbach vs Manchester City

First leg: 2-0

Second leg: 3-0

Aggregate: 5-0 (Manchester City win)

 This type of complete domination can be expected from a very few teams. Manchester City is among them who produces such similar scorelines in group matches of UCL. They will be looking to continue their dominating run of Premier League to UCL. This is the team which looks like could go on to the Champions League. Last two seasons Pep Guardiola didn’t have that kind of spirit. But this year the team looks more comfortable and very very flexible. Flexibility is a huge factor in a team like Manchester City. Borussia Monchengladbach is a mixed bag. They perform well sometimes and sometimes just play very pessimistic football. Marco Rose’s team will be looking at a mammoth task of challenging the Pep Guardiola team.






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